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Although the end of a carís life is often associated with the destruction and dismantling of the motor vehicle, regulations and laws have changed quite significantly when it comes to dealing with scrap cars in Scotland. This includes a safe and responsible approach to dealing with the pollutants and potentially environmentally hazardous parts and materials that are removed from scrap cars in Scotland. IPB Vehicle Dismantlers are an established dismantling and destruction provider with respect to all scrap cars in Scotland that have either failed MOT inspections or suffered significant accident damage.

IPB Vehicle Dismantlers have been providing services related to scrap cars in Scotland for a number of years, in providing valued added services from the perspectives of uplifts and removals to that of the destruction and dismantling of scrap cars in Scotland. Value added services to the trade are incorporated within these activities in providing original, usable car parts from salvage operations. All items are cataloged, labeled and shelved on premises and available to trade professionals within the automotive sector. Free deliveries are conducted for trade purchases.

IBPís commitment to responsible disposal of pollutants and elements of scrap cars in Scotland that may prove damaging to the environment is reflected in their memberships of SEPA and DVLA, and in adhering to the strict requirements of pollutant disposal ensures that any processing of scrap cars in Scotland is done according to current regulations and requirements. Wherever required, IBP will issue certificates of disposal and destruction when processing scrap cars in Scotland.

If you are looking for an authorised facility that deals with scrap cars in Scotland, look no further than IBP Vehicle Dismantlers, where we pay cash for scrap cars and offer free uplifts for processing at our facilities, contact us today to discuss your requirements in terms of any scrap cars in Scotland, as well as throughout the United Kingdom. Alternatively visit our premises in Glasgow for more information on how to scrap a car in Glasgow.

Vehicle Dismantlers Glasgow
IBP VEHICLE DISMANTLERS are an Authorised Treatment Facility for vehicles where pollutants are made safe before being recycled in an environmentally friendly way.
Vehicle Dismantlers Glasgow

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