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There comes a time when one may well have to get rid of a car, and the possibility of a trade in or selling the car off is just not an option. To this end IBP Vehicle Dismantlers offers a comprehensive resource for scrap cars in Glasgow, from a dual perspective too. IBP offers complete dismantling and destruction services when one needs to scrap a car in Glasgow , or when looking for original parts for repairs and maintenance to existing motor vehicles, after all original parts are often times a much better option as compared to the aftermarket parts that one finds today.

As far as scrap cars in Glasgow is concerned there are regulations in place that require specific licensed providers, such as IBP Vehicle Dismantlers to deal with pollutants that are typically found within scrap cars in Glasgow, and obviously elsewhere, in a safe, secure and responsible manner. IBP is committed to protecting the environment and deal with these issues accordingly, which is supported by our full memberships with SEPA and DVLA, allowing us to provide certificates of destruction and dismantling when dealing with scrap cars in Glasgow.

Using IBP Vehicle Dismantlers provides a number of benefits to the end user looking to dispose of scrap cars in Glasgow in that we provide a free uplift service of the vehicle in question, whilst also paying cash for vehicles that require such destruction or dismantling. This enables our customers to get rid of their scrap cars in Glasgow, whilst generating some cash in the process.

The processing of scrap cars in Glasgow allows IBP to provide original parts to the trade, which many will agree are much better than that of the aftermarket option and of which we provide free deliveries to the trade. These original parts and elements retrieved from the scrap cars in Glasgow, and elsewhere throughout the United Kingdom are computer catalogued, labeled and shelved making it extremely easy and efficient for location within our storage facilities and purchasing.

If you have any scrap cars in Glasgow, or elsewhere across the United Kingdom contact IBP Vehicle Dismantlers to discuss your options with our customer services team, and remember that our costs and benefits are much better than other car breakers, dealers and scrappers in Glasgow and central Scotland.

Vehicle Dismantlers Glasgow
IBP VEHICLE DISMANTLERS are an Authorised Treatment Facility for vehicles where pollutants are made safe before being recycled in an environmentally friendly way.
Vehicle Dismantlers Glasgow

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