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Blocked Drain Glasgow provides drainage services to the Motherwell area.

If you think there is a blocked drain somewhere affecting your property, then a little detective work will often be the first step.  Finding out if anyone nearby is being effected can help narrow down the problem to your property or the wider lateral drains.  If more than your property is being effected and the central drains are to blame, then the local authority or water authority are most likely responsible.

However if the blockage is within the boundaries of your property, then it is your responsibility and an expert in drain blockage will be needed to find and solve the problem.  Blocked Drain Glasgow are one such company covering all sorts of blocked drains around Motherwell and the larger area.  Their experience is significant meaning they are adept at discovering a host of problems.

One of the more common causes of blocked drains is called ingress and this is where plants grow into the drains or their roots break through the pipework and cause a blockage.  Sometimes these problems can be dealt with manually and sometimes specialist equipment is needed.  In addition, the company can even bring in a CCTV inspection kit to find the problem hidden deep in the drains network.  There is no blockage too big or small for them to deal with.

Please feel free to contact Blocked Drain Glasgow for more information on our drainage services.

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