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You pull the plug out of the bath and the water starts to flow – but wait, there’s something wrong!  The water isn’t flowing away as it normally does.  This means one thing – you have a blocked drain and need to unblock it before the problem gets worse.

Firstly, don’t think that sending more water down the drain will do the job.  Bathroom drains often become blocked through a multitude of substances going through them.  It might be an accumulation of hair causing the problem or something may have gone down the toilet in error.  The problem may be something bigger than this such as a plant growing into the drains and causing a blockage or a broken pipe somewhere.  By sending down more water, you will not clear the blockage and it will likely just return to your bathroom.

The best thing to do is get in touch with an expert in blocked drains in Bishopbriggs who can have a look at the problem.  This may involve a manual unblocking or may need specialist equipment to locate and remove the problem.  Either way, these experts will have the equipment for the job as well as the safety procedures to ensure nothing unpleasant happens by coming into contact with the worst of the household’s waste.

Please feel free to contact Blocked Drain Glasgow for more information on our drainage services.

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