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So you pull out the plug of your kitchen sink and wait expectantly for the water from the dirty dishes to depart down the drains.  After a moment, you realise things aren’t happening as you would expect – either the water isn’t draining away or it is going way slower than normal.  This is a clear sign that you have a blocked drain and that help is needed.

Kitchen sinks are notorious among plumbers as the cause of many a blocked drain.  Often we don’t think about what we tip down the sink and the consequences of it.  Fat and oil are two top culprits for the blocked drains in Bellshill.  Both of these substances look liquid when we tip them down the kitchen sink but when cooling, they solidify.  Fats in particular can easily block a drain once they form into a solid and start accumulating other debris.

Clearing a blocked drain from the kitchen sink can be a messy job and not one undertaken lightly.  Often manual clearance will remove the problem, particularly if it is caused by a build-up of fats or other kitchen waste.  However sometimes a stronger solution is needed and this can involve using a CCTV camera system to find the cause of the problem.  This is why calling on a drains expert is often the best option, saving a lot of mess and problems in the long run.

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