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Accidents happen and sometimes things fall down the drain, the toilet or the sink that you didn’t want to fall down.  Top amongst the call outs for plumbers in recent years are mobile phones – costly on multiple fronts as the phones are rarely fit for use when they are fished out.  Another top cause of blocked drains in Barrhead and further afield come from the littlest members of the house.

Kids love to explore, experiment and trying things out.  One of the less adorable things they often experiment with it putting a toy down the toilet.  They don’t realise it isn’t going to come back, leading to tears.  But it can also lead to a blocked drain and a visit from the drains specialist.  While most toys that fit down the toilet aren’t that large – otherwise they wouldn’t fit – what they can do is catch on existing obstructions and create a blockage.  Some parents even use a toilet lid lock system to prevent kids from deciding to send their toy on a great adventure!

Another top cause of blocked drains is one that can be a little trickier to prevent.  Most all of us loose hair when we shower and it goes down the drain before we have even thought about it.  Hair is fine stuff and on its own, doesn’t cause huge problems.  But if there is a lot of it then this can cause a blockage with other materials and lead to problems.  Drain catchers are one solution that some households use to try and prevent the build up from occurring while others prefer to opt for drain maintenance to catch this and other issues before the pipes become blocked.

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