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Blocked Drain Glasgow provides drainage services to the Bargeddie area.

Ask an expert in blocked drains in Bargeddie what one of the top causes of blocked drains are and they will doubtless tell you about leaves and debris from the garden.  All year around there can be problems with leaves blowing off trees and bushes and this problem becomes significantly worse in the autumn when the deciduous trees drop all of their leaves.

Sometimes there is nothing that can be done about a blocked drain but there are a few ideas that can help reduce the risk.  For example, keep the drains clear of rubbish to minimalize how much enters the drainage pipes.  Drain covers are essential but they often need a hand when there is a lot of rubbish to cope with.

Guttering is another important element that needs a hand and cleaning it regularly is important.  When leaves build up in the guttering they can then be released into the drains in large amounts and can result in a blockage.  Regular guttering cleaning can help reduce this risk.

Of course there is one plant-related cause that there isn’t much householders can do to combat – ingress by plants underground.  This can be where a plant grows in the drains and causes a blockage or breaks through the pipes and causes a leak.  An expert in blocked drains may be able to clear the problem with the right equipment or need to use a CCTV camera system to find the problem first.

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