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Blocked Drain Glasgow provides drainage services to the Airdrie area.

If you have ever had the experience of walking into your bathroom and realising the water on the floor isn’t from the kids exuberant bathing earlier in the day, then you will understand the nightmare that are blocked drains.  Many of us take for granted the system that removes water and waste from our homes but sometimes a little consideration should be given to them.  Otherwise, a visit from the company dealing with blocked drains in Airdrie becomes an inevitability!

One of the top reasons for blocked bathroom drains can be hair.  Something that most all of us have and it often falls out in small amounts during showers and baths them vanishes down the plug hole.  It may seem an insignificant thing but over time, this hair can build up and start catching waste leading to a blockage.  One way to ease the problem is to use a drain cover on the plug holes – this collects up a lot of the hair and allows it to go into the bin, not down the drain.

Another potential issue in the bathroom can be a blocked toilet.  Toilets are designed to get rid of rubbish deposited into them but the pipes aren’t huge and can become blocked with most unpleasant results.  One of the top reasons why these pipes get blocked is by putting down too much toilet paper at one time or putting other items down the loo.  Never put kitchen towel or cotton pads down the toilet as their denser material is more liable to cause a blockage.

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